Meet Commissioner Ammerman

Hi there!

I’m a full-time local artist and mapmaker, a former French Embassy economic department staffer, an avid biker and a map nerd. You might have seen some of my maps in local gift shops or on social media, I specialize in making decorative maps focusing on DC geography, and have mapped every building in DC (a true labor of love – it took me six months to hand-design every building), and also have maps of DC parks and neighborhoods, and maps about science and nature. If you’re curious, you can find some of them on my portfolio here – I have nearly 200 maps to peruse, almost all of the DC area. My work has been featured in the Washingtonian, Channel 9 (when my maps were used in a project supporting DC statehood), and on the Team Rayceen Youtube Channel. You can find me most weekends selling my maps at markets across DC. Before I launched myself full-time into my small business, I spent seven years working in the French Treasury and Agriculture departments of the Embassy of France in Georgetown. Originally from Indiana, I’ve lived in DC for nearly a decade and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. My partner, Mark, and I live in the Modern at Art Place apartment complex with our tiny fluffy black and white dog, Flora, and Berry, our tabby cat, and a small botanical garden’s worth of plants. We spend a lot of our free time hiking and camping, biking around DC, exploring the Arboretum or Rock Creek Park, and gardening in our garden plot behind Bertie Backus.