Traffic Safety Investigations

Use the map below to keep track of Traffic Safety Investigation requests I’ve filed with the District Department of Transportation. Click on each orange road segment to get more information about safety improvements I’ve requested from DDOT, including specific safety enhancements requested, the 311 case number to look up the information in the DC 311 database, and the date each TSI request was filed. There is currently an estimated wait time of 130 days from the date DDOT receives a TSI request and a response being issued.

UPDATE JAN. 6, 2023:

DDOT has changed their system for evaluating TSIs, and now will evaluate 200 TSIs per quarter. Of the numerous TSIs I filed for 5A09, three were accepted for evaluation this quarter (in dark purple on the map below). The other TSIs I filed, in dark orange, were rejected for this quarter but could be evaluated in the future.